Saturday, August 18, 2007


Congrats to my tri-friend TEA for a PR in the rattlesnake OLY triathlon. She is going to do a sprint tomorrow and hopefully become the proud owner of the rattlesnake belt buckle.....

I had a great day today. I have the pleasure of training high school age kiddos. Its so much fun. Basically it helps the kids get stronger for the sports they play in over the year. I really enjoy it. And I do a lot of the exercises with them so i word up a good sweat too:) My specialty is plyometrics and agility drills. I try to mix it up so we never do the same thing twice. I want to keep them challenged.

Tomorrow I am doing a memorial bike ride for a friend. I may hit the water tmro too.....we will see:)

Ciao for now

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Duane said...

She is an animal!