Thursday, March 18, 2010


So here i am at cisco in beautiful spring like north Carolina. It is pretty cool. Long long long work hours but i am learning a lot. I really wish i could be home with Lena but duty calls. The other problem I have is i was set up to do a trade for print photography gig and now it is looking like i may have to stay here....ugghhh. I really hate bailing on Bob McK but there really is nothing i can do. I am trying to get a friend to substitute for me but i am not sure if he can do it. Even if it costs me some money, at least it wont cost me in reputation. I feel so bad....really bad.

Anyway, back to training. My knee is pretty good lately. Its been much less sore and swollen lately so i think it is healing. TJ, the PT, gave me the thumbs up to try a light jog...I have to say i am nervous....really nervous..i know i was told that i cannot hurt it more but man i am afraid to run. Swimming was going well(till I left to working 11 hour days....) When i get home i will continue the training and should be on-track for the April triathlon. I biked 20 miles last week and not pain in my knee.... so little by little...slowly by very slowly.....i am on my way back!