Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Damn gimpy shoulder

Hey all. Hope everyone is doing well.

I am good. I have been back on my food plan. Lost about 13lbs since the last weighing(a month ago).

My offseason tri program is on hold indefinitely. My shoulder is becoming a HUGE problem. Had a cortisone shot...did no exercise for a few weeks and it still hurts. Probably an MRI in my near future. The xray shows a bone spur in the joint so that could be it.....well i guess we will see. I will focus on losing weight and all the other craziness in my life right now.

Tina and I are separated and living in the same house. Weird. Hurts. But due to financial constraints, neither one of us can move out. House is going on the market and hopefully we can sell it in a reasonable amount of time. I will miss my house....I did a lot of the work myself and I am proud of it. It's a weird situation for sure. Part of me wants the freedom (both financially and physically) but part of me wants not change.....I dont know....

Peace out