Thursday, December 31, 2009

post year ahead

Well the surgery(Monday 12-21) went well. They removed the tear and it was less than a third of the thickness of the meniscus. 1st day and a half were great....not much pain, but then the surgical drugs wore off....4am on wed...holy sucked for about 12 hours. I dont do well with pain meds so i was stuck. It was funny i pressed on my knee and it was making some interesting gurgling nosies.....gross...Thursday, xmas eve, i felt pretty good. Walked slowly and with a limp 1/2 a block. Pain had subsided to a dull ache.
Xmas eve was great. Lena and I just had a simple dinner. I've realized that i dont need to be in a big family party to feel like the holidays. I think that night was a perfect as it could have been in its love shared and simplicity.
Spent the xmas day at my cousin Joe's. Great much fun. Love them all. They were so good to Lena and I.

One week later, I went to the doc and he removed the stitches. Said i am looking great and was good to go. My physical therapist was also impressed with my progress and range of motion. It aches but overall it feels good. Doing my required exercises and taking it slow(this is difficult..the slow part).

Learned so much this year....mostly about me...who i am...where i want to be....what i want to be....good stuff....

have a great new year.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 0: knee scoping

So here I am, sitting on the couch. My knee is packed in ice and i am watching Friday night live season 1.

The surgery: Really went well. knee cap was better than originally thought. Meniscus flap was removed. Doc says that it was a small piece of cartilage and i should be back on track soon. North Shore surgery center was fantastic. The people were great.

I am very thankful for Lena and my Dad. I am tired and feeling grumpy and snappy at Lena......feeling a little guilty about it.