Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Corporate Challenge 3.5

So I did the Corporate Challenge at beautiful Jones Beach yesterday. My time: 49:49 for 3.5 miles(not the usual 3.1) . I was kicking ass up (13:00 /14:00) for my 1st 2 miles and then this guy drops in front of me. So I stopped to see if he was ok. He definitely was not doing well. Looked like he was seizing. There were many people around and some were screaming out things like "start cpr" but case you didn't know not do cpr if you can find a pulse......its bad....So they kept him as comfortable as possible until the medics came. I then continued my run. It was very hot and humid and not enough breeze for 7000 people. So the race was fun but i am a little disappointed cause i was trying to finish under 40 minutes(for 3.1 not 3.5). Oh well. The guy dropping was definitely a wake up call to my priorities. This is just fun and thats it. Not life of death. And for that guy it very well could be. Hope he is ok. I am praying for him.

Some notes of note:)

Kept my HR in the 155-165 range and felt really good. In fact, just before the incident, my HR started to drop and i was running harder....I think this is a good sign.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Swimming and biking

Ok folks. I took a week off. My nephews were in town(and they are the coolest {5 and 7}). I spent time with them.

Anyway back to training:

i swam last night. I am working on bilateral breathing. it sucks. I try to breathe on my left and it feels like i am choking. My form is crap. And i am constantly sucking water. To make it worse, it seems like i keep getting motion sickness. not sure why but it really sucks cause now i stop swimming not because i am tired but becuase i am gonna barf. MAN DOES IT SUCK. I left the pool pretty down last night cause if i cant figure out a solution, i am not gonna be able to go long distances swimming. If anyone has a solution, please let me know...I will try just about anything.

Biked about 30 miles today with some hills. It was great. Lower humidity and noone even tried to hit me with their car....I can hear ice-cube singing ,"today was a good day".....loved it. I really love biking and i think i am gonna try to bike a century by the end of the summer. End off the summer by biking out to montauk. I think it would rock.

Anyone in the Long Island area who wants to join me....just drop me a line. I am thinking the week after labor day....

Tomorrow I would like to run at Long Beach.

By the way, I love training alone but i am really wanting to be challenged. I think I am gonna seek out some riding/running mates....need to challenge myself.


I'm out beotches


Friday, July 11, 2008

vineman 2009.....some crappy news(some not)

Man I am a little upset. Been talking with some friends about doing the Vineman as a group thing. I have to admit i was really psyched. I was already telling some of my friends about this race. And I thought it would be great to meet some of my coolest tri friends.....soooooo......for various reasons (all valid)the peeps my little group have all bailed out.




Actually I am just disappointed. I wanted to hang with my tri-buddies. I thought it would be cool to do my first HIM with some friends. But I guess it will have to be another race. I am sure we will all meet one day:)

Oh and 1 more thing:


I am already in training for this race.. Shit i have been training for this since i started 1.5 years ago.....And its just a stop along the way to IM

Oh and i did run 4.4 miles yesterday and only stopped to walk 3 times(1 to 1.5minute recovery). And lost 5lbs in the last week or so.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


See that picture of the pool to your left....yep that one....swam in the babylon pool today...

1st time this year. My good friend, Shawn, is generous enough to get up early and open the pool from 6-7 on tuesdays and thrusdays. I LOVE IT.

Shawn is a great swimmer and my incognito swim coach. We are working on me bilaterally breathing. Breathing on the left is not easy folks......proved by me drinking half the pool. No need for any kind of food or drink cause my belly is full of chlorinated pool water....mmmmm yummy.

There is a triathlon in CT this week. Its the mossman. I did it last year. maybe.....not sure yet but maybe......

Monday, July 7, 2008

correction 45:53

Here is the "official time" (don't forget I didnt get to time in on the mat cause i was 4 or 5 blocks away and they already removed the timing mats.

FName LName City State Age Sex ClockTime Overall SexPl DivPl AgeGrade
ROBERT MYERS COPIAGUE NY 38 M 45:53 790 503 48 29.3%

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Firecracker 5k 46:11

So yesterday I go to my favorite running shoe store, Runners Edge, to buy some socks. I walk in the store and there is a table set up and they are giving out race packets. So nosy old me inquires about the race. Its the Massapequa Firecracker 5k. Cost 20 bucks. hmmmmm I think I am in. LOL


So I signed up for the race.

Last night, I went to a wedding and didnt get home until 2am. Woke up tired and cranky. I forgot I have to help a friend move. UGGGGHHHHHHHHHH so I become the sherpa today and move my friend. Its 4pm and I am scrambling to get the last pieces into his apmt. The race starts at FIIIVEEEEEE pm and I still need to go home and get my gear...rush rush rush...I hit every traffic light on the way....get home....change quick....back on the road....4:45...ok have 15 minutes till race start...WE CAN DOOOO THIS

Finally make it and the directions say it starts in the park. so i start jogging over to the park and some kind soul says...the race starts about 4 blocks to the center of town...I say thanks and turn around to get to the start and I hear the start gun...OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT

So I say F__K IT....I start my race what feels like a half a mile early. by the time i get to the official start the start mat is gone and I can see the police car marking the last runner about 6 blocks I kick it up a notch and start running harder....breathing hard...a litttle flustered.....i keep going.

Finally track down the policewoman(hottie i might add) and I give her a big sweaty smile. So now i am officially in the race. So I walk a bit and catch my breath. The people along the course were fantastic. It was hot....humid....oh did i mention humid. So the lovely residents along park blvd had out hoses and were spraying everyone...THANK YOU VERY MUCH...and the lovely cheers were great. I kept saying thank you and giving thumbs up.

So I blogged a while ago that my good friend Bill took his life in April and he did it in Walker park. I am running and we turn right into walker park. I came past the spot and and I started to get choked up and imagined that Bill was running with me. It gave me some extra energy and I put my mind into Bill instead of running and the HEAT and HUMIDITY..cause it was hot. Miss Bill..miss him alot....

So we came through the park and hit the trail back into town. I was sure to thank the EMT on the bike checking on everyone. Everyone was great. Passed quite a few people and some passed me but i came from behind. Finished with the official clock saying 46:11 so it must have been 42 or 43 I would guess but i ran alot more than in the past and rested/walked much less.

What a great proud of myself....i CAN do this....I AM ON MY WAY....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It has been a crazy week. Work has been nutz. I left last night knowing I needed to swim. No....I wanted to swim. So far with my shoulder, I have not gone farther than 50 meters at a time (before resting). But last night...LEMME TELL YOU....i found the inner fish.

My first lap was a 300 meters and i wasnt even feeling tired....HOLY SHIT....the most i have ever done consecutively in the pool....excluding an actual tri in which i usually sub the backstroke when i get tired.....(and yes i am sure alll the fish out there will laugh but i am new to swimming).....then i followed it up with a bunch of 200's and 100's....nothing less that 100. Man i felt sooooo good. I am fighting with the water less...I actually eased up on how hard I pull through in the water and I think i am faster?...I dunnno but it feels better.

First i say that I could be a could it be that i am gonna call myself a swimmer....hmmmm good things on the horizon....