Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It has been a crazy week. Work has been nutz. I left last night knowing I needed to swim. No....I wanted to swim. So far with my shoulder, I have not gone farther than 50 meters at a time (before resting). But last night...LEMME TELL YOU....i found the inner fish.

My first lap was a 300 meters and i wasnt even feeling tired....HOLY SHIT....the most i have ever done consecutively in the pool....excluding an actual tri in which i usually sub the backstroke when i get tired.....(and yes i am sure alll the fish out there will laugh but i am new to swimming).....then i followed it up with a bunch of 200's and 100's....nothing less that 100. Man i felt sooooo good. I am fighting with the water less...I actually eased up on how hard I pull through in the water and I think i am faster?...I dunnno but it feels better.

First i say that I could be a could it be that i am gonna call myself a swimmer....hmmmm good things on the horizon....

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Tea said...


And you are going to totally kick my butt next year, and I'm looking forward to it.