Sunday, July 6, 2008

Firecracker 5k 46:11

So yesterday I go to my favorite running shoe store, Runners Edge, to buy some socks. I walk in the store and there is a table set up and they are giving out race packets. So nosy old me inquires about the race. Its the Massapequa Firecracker 5k. Cost 20 bucks. hmmmmm I think I am in. LOL


So I signed up for the race.

Last night, I went to a wedding and didnt get home until 2am. Woke up tired and cranky. I forgot I have to help a friend move. UGGGGHHHHHHHHHH so I become the sherpa today and move my friend. Its 4pm and I am scrambling to get the last pieces into his apmt. The race starts at FIIIVEEEEEE pm and I still need to go home and get my gear...rush rush rush...I hit every traffic light on the way....get home....change quick....back on the road....4:45...ok have 15 minutes till race start...WE CAN DOOOO THIS

Finally make it and the directions say it starts in the park. so i start jogging over to the park and some kind soul says...the race starts about 4 blocks to the center of town...I say thanks and turn around to get to the start and I hear the start gun...OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT

So I say F__K IT....I start my race what feels like a half a mile early. by the time i get to the official start the start mat is gone and I can see the police car marking the last runner about 6 blocks I kick it up a notch and start running harder....breathing hard...a litttle flustered.....i keep going.

Finally track down the policewoman(hottie i might add) and I give her a big sweaty smile. So now i am officially in the race. So I walk a bit and catch my breath. The people along the course were fantastic. It was hot....humid....oh did i mention humid. So the lovely residents along park blvd had out hoses and were spraying everyone...THANK YOU VERY MUCH...and the lovely cheers were great. I kept saying thank you and giving thumbs up.

So I blogged a while ago that my good friend Bill took his life in April and he did it in Walker park. I am running and we turn right into walker park. I came past the spot and and I started to get choked up and imagined that Bill was running with me. It gave me some extra energy and I put my mind into Bill instead of running and the HEAT and HUMIDITY..cause it was hot. Miss Bill..miss him alot....

So we came through the park and hit the trail back into town. I was sure to thank the EMT on the bike checking on everyone. Everyone was great. Passed quite a few people and some passed me but i came from behind. Finished with the official clock saying 46:11 so it must have been 42 or 43 I would guess but i ran alot more than in the past and rested/walked much less.

What a great proud of myself....i CAN do this....I AM ON MY WAY....

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Tea said...

HOLY COW! 42-43 is under a a 14:00 pace!


Not bad for doing a race on a whim!

(seriously though, could'ya slow down? You're starting to make me look bad.)