Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Corporate Challenge 3.5

So I did the Corporate Challenge at beautiful Jones Beach yesterday. My time: 49:49 for 3.5 miles(not the usual 3.1) . I was kicking ass up (13:00 /14:00) for my 1st 2 miles and then this guy drops in front of me. So I stopped to see if he was ok. He definitely was not doing well. Looked like he was seizing. There were many people around and some were screaming out things like "start cpr" but case you didn't know not do cpr if you can find a pulse......its bad....So they kept him as comfortable as possible until the medics came. I then continued my run. It was very hot and humid and not enough breeze for 7000 people. So the race was fun but i am a little disappointed cause i was trying to finish under 40 minutes(for 3.1 not 3.5). Oh well. The guy dropping was definitely a wake up call to my priorities. This is just fun and thats it. Not life of death. And for that guy it very well could be. Hope he is ok. I am praying for him.

Some notes of note:)

Kept my HR in the 155-165 range and felt really good. In fact, just before the incident, my HR started to drop and i was running harder....I think this is a good sign.



Tea said...

You did the right thing. No race time is worth having someone die.

Last year, during a half iron. A woman going the opposite direction just collapsed. I ran over to her. For her it was a heat exhaustion. I gave her whatever water I had, got her into the shade.

It is so scary to see something like that happen.

tracie said...

great job with the run!

thankfully he was not alone when he went down. definitely a lesson for us all.

Prince said...

You did the right thing Bob....taking care of someone in need.

Proud of you bro!!