Friday, July 11, 2008

vineman 2009.....some crappy news(some not)

Man I am a little upset. Been talking with some friends about doing the Vineman as a group thing. I have to admit i was really psyched. I was already telling some of my friends about this race. And I thought it would be great to meet some of my coolest tri friends.....soooooo......for various reasons (all valid)the peeps my little group have all bailed out.




Actually I am just disappointed. I wanted to hang with my tri-buddies. I thought it would be cool to do my first HIM with some friends. But I guess it will have to be another race. I am sure we will all meet one day:)

Oh and 1 more thing:


I am already in training for this race.. Shit i have been training for this since i started 1.5 years ago.....And its just a stop along the way to IM

Oh and i did run 4.4 miles yesterday and only stopped to walk 3 times(1 to 1.5minute recovery). And lost 5lbs in the last week or so.....

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