Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Road Back

Hey folks,

It begins.

What you may ask?

My road back to life and triathlon. Been through a hell of ride in my personal life and i think i am finally coming to terms with the fact that i am single again and i live alone. No its not a vacation from my old life....this is my new life. I guess the gift is that it really is MY life. I can do with my life as i wish....this is daunting sometimes because i find myself falling back into old patterns and i forget that i can change my world whenever i want and i am not stuck. You see...i feel stuck sometimes and it is tough to get out of. I think its remnants of how I used to think. So I am working on making changes to make my world better. One of the things i am doing is getting more organized. Stuff and life organization. Each night i set aside some time to organize a few things. Organizing and decorating my apartment and making it a home is first on the list. Organizing my financial situation. Organizing my life:) Part of this change will be figuring out my training schedule and while i am on the subject of training...setting up a road map for next triathlon season.

So hereeee we go:

du/run schedule for the remainder of this year:

10/17/2008 Run 5K Republic Airport Not So Midnight 5k
10/19/2008 Carl Hart Duathlon: Sunday
11/9/2008 Duathlon Sprint Schiff Scout Mountain Bike Duathlon(maybe)
11/30/2008 Duathlon Sprint Turkey Du - Duathlon

no 2009 dates yet but tentatively:

april: mini might man sprint
july: mossman sprint
september: mighty hamptons tri (oly)

Peace love and sooooooullll