Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Road Back

Hey folks,

It begins.

What you may ask?

My road back to life and triathlon. Been through a hell of ride in my personal life and i think i am finally coming to terms with the fact that i am single again and i live alone. No its not a vacation from my old life....this is my new life. I guess the gift is that it really is MY life. I can do with my life as i wish....this is daunting sometimes because i find myself falling back into old patterns and i forget that i can change my world whenever i want and i am not stuck. You see...i feel stuck sometimes and it is tough to get out of. I think its remnants of how I used to think. So I am working on making changes to make my world better. One of the things i am doing is getting more organized. Stuff and life organization. Each night i set aside some time to organize a few things. Organizing and decorating my apartment and making it a home is first on the list. Organizing my financial situation. Organizing my life:) Part of this change will be figuring out my training schedule and while i am on the subject of training...setting up a road map for next triathlon season.

So hereeee we go:

du/run schedule for the remainder of this year:

10/17/2008 Run 5K Republic Airport Not So Midnight 5k
10/19/2008 Carl Hart Duathlon: Sunday
11/9/2008 Duathlon Sprint Schiff Scout Mountain Bike Duathlon(maybe)
11/30/2008 Duathlon Sprint Turkey Du - Duathlon

no 2009 dates yet but tentatively:

april: mini might man sprint
july: mossman sprint
september: mighty hamptons tri (oly)

Peace love and sooooooullll



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the organising.

You need to look on the plus side for a sec (there's always a plus side to everything!). At least being single means you can spread your triathlon garbage everywhere, have smelly workout clothes on the bathroom floor, AND train, eat and sleep when you want - that sound like BLISS TO ME!


Funky Brother Prince said...

Life is a journey - when you don't like the scenery, take a different route.

Little change each day adds up to a lot at the by day by day.

Duane said...

Hey Bob! I e-mailed twice about the wheels but not sure if they got through or not.