Saturday, July 26, 2008

Swimming and biking

Ok folks. I took a week off. My nephews were in town(and they are the coolest {5 and 7}). I spent time with them.

Anyway back to training:

i swam last night. I am working on bilateral breathing. it sucks. I try to breathe on my left and it feels like i am choking. My form is crap. And i am constantly sucking water. To make it worse, it seems like i keep getting motion sickness. not sure why but it really sucks cause now i stop swimming not because i am tired but becuase i am gonna barf. MAN DOES IT SUCK. I left the pool pretty down last night cause if i cant figure out a solution, i am not gonna be able to go long distances swimming. If anyone has a solution, please let me know...I will try just about anything.

Biked about 30 miles today with some hills. It was great. Lower humidity and noone even tried to hit me with their car....I can hear ice-cube singing ,"today was a good day".....loved it. I really love biking and i think i am gonna try to bike a century by the end of the summer. End off the summer by biking out to montauk. I think it would rock.

Anyone in the Long Island area who wants to join me....just drop me a line. I am thinking the week after labor day....

Tomorrow I would like to run at Long Beach.

By the way, I love training alone but i am really wanting to be challenged. I think I am gonna seek out some riding/running mates....need to challenge myself.


I'm out beotches


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Tea said...

Hey bob---I taught myself how to bilateral breath also. I don't know if this will help,but here's what I did.

1.)I did my normal unilateral breathing, and I looked at every single part of my stroke to find out what was different.

2.) I started doing one arm drills. And yes, you will likely drink more pool water than ever, but it works. GO very very slow. You'll start to notice that you do things differently on each side. For me it was my head coming UP instead of rotating. Also, I wasn't balanced properly.

3.) I worked on balance drills. You float on one side. Look down at the bottom of the pool, come up for air, do it again, then rotate over to your other side. (You move by kicking gently. The arm facing the bottom of the pool is extended past your head. The other arm rests on your side.)

GOOD LUCK! It's sounds like you had an ABFAB week!!