Wednesday, August 15, 2007

moving and shaking

Yep folks....i am moving and shaking...bobbing and work.

Work has been nuts. There was a big corporate re-org. I am not sure what my new responsibilities are but my old boss seems to be very good and keeping me busy. One thing at a time.......just like running....1 foot in front of the other.....

My food has been OK the last 2 days. I weighed in and lost 6lbs. This is a good thing. This loss is just gaining ground i lost(cause i have gained about 15 over the summer).

My shoulder and knee tendinitis has been bothering me but i have been icing. I may go back to PT for both if it will help.

No formal tri training this week. Cross training mostly. I did a kick ass step class on Tuesday and a fun interval training class today. Man that stuff kicks my butt. I rate it on how much i sweat. Both days i sweat through my shirt and 3/4 of my it....too much fun.....

I will try to make swimming tmro morning. It is hard because i get home very late some nights(midnight) so getting up at 5am is tough.

Words of wisdom for today:

Sometimes in life we need to have blinders. We need to focus only on the thing that is in front of us. Focus is key in this world. Get the 1st thing done and then move on the next thing.......sometimes its that simple.

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Tea said...

YEA! Sounds like a good week and the weight loss certainly helped!