Sunday, August 19, 2007

Katlin Boyle Memorial Bike ride

So today I planned to do a leisurely bike 7 miles mountain bike ride....Fundraiser for a friends daughter that died from meningitis at 21 years old.....

Leisurely....I am not sure what happened but I got on my bike an man did i light it up. I know it wasn't a race but i set a pretty fast pace and was the first one finished....I felt so good. And to think that last winter I struggled finishing this course....I just hammered from start to finish.

Maybe it was up and made pancakes from scratch....only had 2 but it was yummy and I had great energy.....

I am a semi-pro photographer so I took a bunch of pictures.

1 comment:

Tea said...

WOW! What an improvement over last year.

I like your new picture.

You're doing great with your training. That consistency is going to continue to pay off for you.