Friday, August 10, 2007

Rainy days.......

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that I still have a job. Althought my title has changed (yet again) I have a feeling i will still be taking care of the same old stuff.

I think I ate bad chinese food on Thursday night. I was up all night with montazumas revenge. I was tired and beat up all thursday. Still feel crappy but a little better. Moral to the story: bring my food in from home and i almost never get sick......

I did some weight training today(chest and tri's).

I took today off to get my yard ready for the big block party tomorrow but it is raining right now so I am cleaning up inside the house. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun. We (the block) have a water slide, martian walk(bouncy thing), and many other activities(pie in the face contest). The kids (ie me) love it.

I may go back to the gym later for a great step class....we'll see how i feel.

Okey dokey smokey...i am out:)

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Tea said...

ok...old job is better than no job. :)