Sunday, August 5, 2007

So enough waxing poetic

Ok enough re-hashing the past. Its already behind us. Althought it was fun now onto new adventures.

No training today. Put up fence. Hard work but not too bad. Weather is great today. 80's with lower humidity and cool breeze. I have all the windows open to get some fresh air in the house cause the AC has been on all week.

I am going to join I need to get be more focused with my training. I have been nursing a few injuries(piriformus inflamation, patellar and bicep tendonitis) so my training has been on the light side. But i am feeling better(85%) and i am tired of not doing anything. Overall I need to be more focused. I want to complete an olympic tri at the beginning of next year so i need to start getting focused(both diet and exercise).

I need to get out on my bike either tonight or tomorrow morning.

that all folks:)


Tea said...

I think you'll like the site. I like the plans alot more than the one I was following.

And an oly will be a piece o'cake for you. :)

Meggan Ann said...

I found your blog on Tea's blog! I just started racing last year and I can completely identify with first-tri anxiety because I am only about 4 races in myself.

Keep it up!