Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 2

Day 2 has been good. Food was good. Workout was good. I missed my PT appointment because I overslept. I spoke to TJ(the PT) and we will meet on Friday. I did a great step-aerobics class today. My HR was in the 145-155 range almost the whole time.

I went to another OA meeting today. Meeting was good. I love to hear other peoples experiences and hope. If they are kind enough to share their story, then the least i can do it try to learn from it.

Food is good.

1 weight watcher 2pt bar

1 6inch subway turkey and swiss
1 small bag of light chips

3 chicken legs
1 cup of grilled veggies

1 turkey, swiss, lettuce, pickle, mustard on whole wheat wrap

Feel good. I had too much diet soda today....need to drink more water......

I am so happy to hear other's triathlon stories.....I read Geek Girl's story of her Kentucky Ironman victory....in my eyes finishing any Ironman is a HUGE victory.....I don't know her yet i feel very proud of her....yes proud....love rooting for the underdog......she finishes just before the cutoff.....amazing....I am humbled reading her story. Hopefully you will read my IM story in 2 years....

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Tea said...

hey, duane made a committment to CDA in 2009.

Whaddya think?

GeekGrl's story was amazing. I just keep reading it over and over. She never quit! She's my idol for the week.