Monday, August 13, 2007

1st day back to work from vacation

Well vacation is over:(

Back to work and fitness/diet work.

Plan on swimming tmro as long as my good friend, Sean, opens up the pool at 6am.

No workout today. Cooked food for the week this morning.

I decided to pass on the job opportunity that came my way. The green wasn't green enough. I am a little disappointed.

todays food was ok. did great until later in the evening. I really should not eat anything after 7 or 8pm.....

breakfast 9am
3 egg whites
2 oz turkey
1 oz swiss
2 sl whole wheat bread

lunch 1pm
4 oz turkey
1 oz cheese
1 whole wheat pita
1/2 cup german potatoe salad(no mayo)
1 cup grapes

dinner 4pm
5 oz chicken
1 cup of string beans
diet coke (can)

1 rice crispy treat 6pm
hand full of tortilla chips 11pm
some pretzels with peanut butter 11pm
diet sprite (can)

Obviously the snack thing got out of control. I had the right food all day but (as usual) i always want to fill the emptiness(or whatever is bothering me) in my world with food. I have to stop doesn't make me feel better.....

anyway tomorrow is another day and a chance to get it right and get in some training:)


Tea said...

I can't even control myself around any kind of potato salad, so I have it once every 5 or 6 years. ;)

I found that I have to get away from the kitchen at night. Lately it's been easier becasue I'm at the boy's football practices. If I can get to the fridge, I will eat.

Duane said...

It is insidious some times :-(