Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life is a pain in the......

SHOULDER. My right shoulder is pretty sore. I think its bicep tendinitis. Its really sore and it sucks cause that means that i cant swim in the last last outdoor swim of the season:(

I called my physical therapist and i want to start therapy asap. I need to get this fixed.

As far as exercise goes...yesterday i did a kick ass step class and today i did abs and shoulders(no weights).

Food has been up and down. I need to re-commit myself and get back on the program. I am not sure why but i tend to sit in this "in-between" world food wise. I dont really eat bad but i dont really eat good. It stinks to be honest and i dont like the way it feels.

Changes are a-comin


Tea said...

It's ok. Start your off-season training. Y'know...this is the training where you really knock'um dead. Get all buff-like, and tear up next racing season.

I cannot WAIT for my "off season".


Tea said...

Sherpa has decided to do Weight watchers. Hopefully, he'll stick with it.

I've noticed that when I'm exercising, my diet is the last to follow. I don't know why that is.