Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Well boys and girls if you look to the left corner of your screen, you will see that I have posted my weight loss ticker. I will update it each week. So today was a great workout. I rode about 20 miles in an hour and did some aerobics. It was great. Felt really good. This "feeling good" starts to happen for me when I start eating right. Speaking of was good today too :)

I was also very happy to get my mountain bike fixed today. Had some work done on it cause I wanna get back out on the "real" trails near me. I have been sticking to flat off road for a few months but I think the changes i made will make me more comfortable.....

Also i will keep you posted on more IRON related posts....waiting on a few friends....hehehe


1 light yogurt
1 high fiber muffin

6 oz chicken grilled
1 salad
2 oz dressing

Grilled chicken pasta salad(with some mozzarella).

3 sushi rolls (tuna, soft shell crab, eel)

I really wanna come in next Tuesday on the lower end of the scale.....REALLY REALLY WANT THIS

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Tea said...

What is your average loss per week?

I think you rock! I am SO happy for your loss so far. 40lbs is takes alot of work.

Just imagine when you hit your nxt 40!! woo hoo!....wait....I won't recognize you.