Sunday, August 5, 2007

My story...continued

So in April I did a small triathlon. It was great. I was so freaked out a the beginning of my swim that I almost quit. I wanted to very badly but something inside me said something very profound:


Wow whoever gave me that advice was a saint. I did the backstroke and caught my breath. I felt like as a swim went on I got faster. I was swimming with a few other newbies and I waited for them at either side of the pool telling them WE could do this....only a little farther. Little did they know i was pretty freaked out but encouraging them helped me. I was 4th from the back of the pack out of the pool and that was a major accomplishment.

The bike went great. I got a huge rush coming out of the transition with everyone cheering. I passed a bunch of people. Since it was only 6 miles, I went all out.

The best thing i did on the run was i stuck to my plan. I just did my intervals(1.5 minutes running/1 minute walk). The finish was amazing. Everyone cheering and encouraging us. Very cool. AND.....I FELT GREAT!!!!!

Well that was the beginning.

Since then I did a sprint triathlon (with the flu). I will post my race report from that later.

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