Monday, August 27, 2007


Today is day 1. Decent day food wise. Stuck to my plan and I feel good. I have to be vigilant tonight and not give in to my evil urges(food/take over the world/ depends on the night haha).

I went to a OA meeting today. It really felt good to go back. I swear it's the one place I go where I can truly feel comfortable.

Now its time for accountability:
So let me fill you in on this past weekend. Friday: I had a really crappy week at work so I went out for a few drinks. Which was A LOT of fun but i eventually ended the night eating chicken fingers and sweet potato fries at the Pisces cafe. Great food but not so good if you are trying to lose weight. Bad choice...had a nice buzz and gave in....

Woke up Saturday and trained. Did plyometrics and some weights. Food ok. Finally took a big step in organizing my tool area in the basement. Sat night went to a party but no drinkin and ate well. But then got home at 11pm and ate a pbj and chocolate milk.

Sunday: I did kick-boxing class at 8am. Felt great. Ate pretty good but had chinese for dinner. Although it was on my plan, it made me feel bloated and crappy this morning.

Monday morning: Trained my back and shoulders(light weights). Felt good but shoulder is still sore even with little or no weight.

Food today:

1 light yogurt
1 high fiber muffin

2 slices pizza
1 salad
2 oz balsamic dressing

1 cup of chicken and broccoli
1 cup brown rice

1 chicken burrito (no cheese no guac)
15 chips

I have to watch my portions. 1 less slice of pizza and no chips with the burrito.

Special thanks to TEA for kicking me in the ass to get back online:)

peace out

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Duane said...

Good job on the accountability and reporting!