Sunday, September 16, 2007

5-0 thats right 50, and I dont mean the artist

50 miles

That's right folks....biked 50 miles today. I know some of you its like a walk in the park but i never biked this far.....IT WAS GREAT....

Started out a 6am with some friends(4 to be exact). It was dark and chilly (50) but clear and the wind didn't seem that bad. I have to say that biking into the sunrise is amazing. I don't have too much technical data on this one cause i didn't think i was going to make it last night. But the biking gods shined down and i woke up on time...hehehe

The first 35 was great....felt great and then i hit the wall. The last 10 or 15 was tough. Painful and tough. I was alone cause we all spread out. I was not fast enough for the 2 fast guys and i wasn't slow enough for the 2 in the back. I was pretty happy cause i just kept telling myself that I can do this. Just keep putting the hammers down and i made it.

It took about 4 hours(including some rest stops).

And just one shout out:

GO TEA GO.....

and now its time to watch some FOOTBALLLLLLLLLL


Duane said...

50 miles! Way to go!!! Tea was a tough gal today!

Tea said...

Congrats on the 50 mile bike! That distance is no joke.

What caused the bonk? Did you underestimate the amount that you needed to bring with you? Not enough breakfast?

It's crazy how much I need to eat before a long ride and during. If I don't eat enough before I start, it really doesn't matter how much I bring with me. I can't recouped what I've lost.

What's going on this week? Are you getting any swim time in?