Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shoulders and Bikes

2 tri related happenings:

Shoulder is a bit sore today but my Dr. says to swim in the morning and come in for therapy. No sharp pain, just aching and some soreness.

Bike issues: I had an issue with my clipless pedal when i was out today. As usual Mike took care of me. Slowly I am dialing in "Momma Love" and getting her setup just purrrfect.

Special thanks to Mike and the BABYLON BIKE crew for all the adjustments, advice, and last minute changes. They stand behind everything they sell. In an area with huge cycling competition, Babylon bike always is head and shoulders above the rest. They surpass everyone else in the department that matters most....making sure the customer is HAPPY:) Also I am grateful to call Mike a friend.


Tea said...

How's the shoulder doing?

did you get all moved ok? How's the new place?

Tea said...

hmmm, I think we're in need of an update.

And NO, I'm not a stalker.