Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ok folks. Finally broke down and went to see a Nutritionist. She confirmed that i was on track but i needed more fiber ,more water, and more fruit. The only thing that really sucks is that I have to limit my cheese intake(only 2% or less fat-like Alpine lace swiss). So my food plan will look like this:

1 egg and 5 egg whites (holy shit thats a lot of eggs)
1 cup veggies
1 thomas' whole wheat english muffin
1 bananna

6 oz turkey
1 oz swiss
1 salad
1 cup chicken soup
1 cup grapes

6 oz grilled chicken
1 cup soy pasta
1/2 c marinara
1 cup broccoli
1 apple

Wow that seems like a lot of food but it will definitely increase the fiber.

So the current weight is 333.

I have been spinning/running on alternating days. Feel pretty good. I am making progress on my shoulder too:)


Anonymous said...

Hey there

Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep up the good work! Will be dropping by to check on your progress, so keep honest!!!

Triathlon has changed my life, and I am sure it will do wonders for you too!

Tea said...

You've lost more weight haven't you?!?!

That's fantastic! If you come out here to do Backroads, you are SO gonna kick my a$$.