Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Running and intervals and life

Hey all,

Hope everyone is knee deep in tri-training....spring Tri's are on the horizon:)

I get a shoulder MRI on Friday. Hoping it will not require surgery.

Ran intervals at Long Beach yesterday. I think it was my best time yet. Been on the downswing with weight so maybe its making a difference. Also the cold and wind was a big motivator to get my tired, sweaty butt back to the warm car.

I watched the Bucket List yesterday. I liked it a lot. Here are some of the things on my Bucket list:

  1. Iron man finisher
  2. NYC marathon finisher
  3. learn to surf
  4. Hike the Appalachian trail
  5. Get a boat
  6. see a sunset or sunrise in every country in the world
  7. climb a mountain(really big one)
  8. Ride motorcycle cross country
  9. skydive(if they make parachutes that can hold a tank, they can make one that holds me)
  10. Play bass on a stage again

More to come:)


1 comment:

triguyjt said...

nice bucket list.
wife and i compile one of those list a while back..its fun to see after a year or so, how many you have a chance to do...

good luck in realizing your goals..

congrats on the weight drop..