Sunday, February 24, 2008

DRAT....tagged by tracie:)

So I have been tagged by the 7 things about you thingie:

(1) I have always loved biking. When i was a kid, I used to pick up old bikes and make a new Frankenstein bike out of all the old ones. It was fun taking the bikes apart to see how they worked and then putting them back together again.....funny how i always had an extra parts box. Today I never touch my road bike. It's almost like i am afraid i will hurt my baby:)

(2) I got bit in the face by a dog when i was 5. To this day I can see the dogs mouth as it bit me. And the fact that i ran to the girl with the red shirt on....Back in those days, we went to the doctors office. It was at his house. He stopped eating dinner to stitch me up. No plastic surgeons no hosptial. I remember laying there and being soooo scared. On the good side, i remember getting carvel ice cream (w/ sprinkles)and sitting on my swing set with the huh-huhs....its amazing the details i can recall about that but if you ask me what i did yesterdayyyyyy???????

(3) I took typing class in 12th grade, never knowing how much i would use it today....

(4) I am a triathlete. I know you all know this. But when i share this fact with non-tri peeps, sometimes you would think i said that i have 4 heads. I joke and tell them that i always win my weight class:) The same thing happens when I share that I teach a class at the local gym. People: big guys can tri and teach fitness classes too:) Junk in my trunk does not render me useless. It really makes me even more determined:)

(5) I am the 2nd of 3 kids. Growing up I was very close with my older brother. We used to do everything together. And i do see picts of us where my mom dressed us alike...ugggghhhh Since we are 20 months apart, I would get thrown on my older brothers sports teams. This sucked at the time but it taught me to never fear anyone. In fact, I would always go after the biggest guy on the team...sometimes to my demise.

(6) I am a kid magnet. I am not sure why but children are attracted to me. Maybe its cause i am big and they think i am a big play toy....not really sure why. Love kids. They are fun and they also say exactly whats on their mind. Honesty: whether you like it or not:) And who doesnt love a kids giggle.....

(7) I play bass and guitar. When I went to the University of Buffalo, I played bass in a band called Caution. I learned to write my own music and that while playing covers live is fun, playing your own stuff live is amazing. Every year we would have this huge bash in South Buffalo, and my claim to fame is Robby (bassist) from the Goo Goo Dolls came to the party. So you could say that the Goo Goo dolls were into Caution..LOL

Thats it folks....I am tagging:

The Kahuna

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Tea said...

When we would visit my family in Long Island, the ice ream truck would come around. BUT! It was soft serve, andyou could get sprinkles on the ice cream cone! Do you remember those?

Out here, we get hard as a rock popsicles from the "ice cream" dork.