Monday, October 29, 2007

Working my way back....

Hey Folks,

Things are actually going pretty well. Tina and I are getting separated. I am still working on me, the inside parts.....I have been working my food plan for about 15 days now. My head feels pretty good cause i have been talking with a professional.....very good...I highly recommend it. I have not been training at all lately and really don't expect to for another few weeks. The reconstruction of bob has begun and I need to work on the foundation before I can work on anything else.

We are selling the house. And I am moving into another bedroom. I have been working on clearing out this bedroom(formerly storage). My shoulder is sore from lifting the boxes but we will see how it feels in a week or 2 when I go back swimming. Cleaning up boxes from your past is kind of like the cleaning i am doing with my head.....its sucks to do but ultimately it helps you later.

I have not weighed myself in a few weeks on purpose. My focus is not on the food its on my head. I am following a simple food plan. 3 meals a day nothing in between and 1 day at at time. The meals are balanced: protein, carbs, and fat. That's it. I have a few red-light foods:

nacho chips, taco bell, cheese and crackers, any kind of dip.

So for now i will avoid any of these foods until my head gets a little clearer.

Thanks to all my peeps for all the kind words....i will check in again soon:)



Tea said...

my weakness food = cashews.

I'm telling you. I bought a can last week, and it was gone in about 3 days.

cannot resist cashews. :)

good luck! but it sounds like you are moving in the right direction.

Duane said...

Thinkin' of ya!

triguyjt said...

I agree with Iron Wil who said you will be an Ironman someday.
Focus on making today an exceptional one. Make today's workout count. Don't fixate on tomorrow or the week or month after. Athletes all give the standard "one game at a time" and its so true. Today is great.